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Who We Are
We are a small local micro-roastery located in San Diego California and are fully dedicated to providing the absolute freshest, most flavorful artisan coffees wholesale to offices and coffee shops as well as online and at select specialty food retailers.  We carefully select our beans after sample roasting numerous offerings from each of the many great coffee regions of the world. Our carefully selected coffees are small batch roasted custom to your request.

Where It All Began

This adventure started in 2013 in my San Diego garage roasting green beans that I stumbled across online.  The first batch came out great!  After ruthlessly burning countless subsequent batches, I put a motor on a crank style popcorn popper, found a programmable induction burner (to manage the heat application and timing), and started experimenting.  Eventually I was getting consistently fantastic coffee!  As time went on, I started sampling numerous raw coffees from around the globe in search of that unbeatable cup of mocha goodness that was the first thing on my mind each day.  I have not purchased even one package of roasted coffee since.

As time passed and I perfected my craft, I searched the world over for the most flavorful raw beans and developed my own roast profile and techniques.  My goal for flavor was what “I” like…  unique, bold, rich, chocolate/mocha flavors.  I had had enough of paying top dollar for these bitter, undeveloped, under-roasted “gourmet” coffees.  While I can appreciate that people like this style of roasting, my daily craving was on the darker side… but not cooked into greasy oblivion.

Every Bean Counts

Before long, neighbors, friends and family would take all I could roast.  So I found a small commercial roasting machine and some space and set up shop.  Before long there were 150 pound bags of green beans piled up.  Cafe’s, breakfast places, and deli’s began requesting my coffee.  So in 2018 I started “Slayter Specialty Coffee Company” selling them the freshest, most chocolaty coffees to be served in their fine establishments and coffee carts.  We have no storefront, no cafe, and no set hours.  The good news is that without all these distractions, my coffee is the focus, and my overhead is super low allowing me provide world class coffees at the most reasonable prices in the marketplace.  We recently launched our retail coffee in stores!  “Sandman’s Coffee” was born.  Our coffee is small batch roasted to ensure each bean is brought to it’s full potential.  The harvesting of the finest coffees is still done by hand.  The coffee pickers reach for and pick each bean, the processing/drying of each bean takes care and time, the roasting is done with the greatest of care and attention.

It takes a lot to make a great cup of coffee and therefore… Every Bean Counts!

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you get to enjoy our ridiculously great coffee soon!  It is available at a limited number of local stores and online.  Get some today!  Sincerely, Sandy Slayter.

Seek the Sandman!